Monday, 18 April 2011


No, not filler on the blog but some progress.
As I said before the kit is riddled in air holes and hair line cracks.
I have smoothed superglue over the cracks then using Liquitex Modeling paste I painted this over the kit to fill in the holes.
Magic Sculpt, a two part filler, was used to fill in the deep holes on the shoulder pad and chin.
I used Vallejo putty on the hands.
Once dry I will rub down with wet and dry paper then re-prime.

Monday, 4 April 2011

And now the work begins

So the I've wiped the rough mold seam away with the Dremmel and primed the kit to help show where any imperfections are.
There are loads more air bubbles than I originaly thought, plus hair line fractures.
If you look at the pictures carefully you can see what I mean.
Next up will be to putty in the air bubbles and try and make Death more presentable.

Sunday, 3 April 2011


I've been asked to build some Dredd kit's for a fellow fan, you can see his blog over at so first out of the gate is an old Judge Death kit from 1992 produced by the american garage kit company Gothic Garage.

The kit is called The Judge and is based on the appearence of Judge Death in the graphic novel Judgement on Gotham, the first team up book of Judge Dredd and Batman from 1991 written by Alan Grant and John Wagner and illustrated by Simon Bisley.

This kit was sculpted by Scott Patton and comes in 6 yellow/tan resin parts consisting of the main figure, two arms, the base and 2 parts for the meat hook through the shoulder pad.
The kit stands approx 101/4'' making it around 1/6th scale.

Back in the early 90's when kits truly were garage kits I remember going to shows and spending a lot of money on what now are looked on as badly cast and produced kits, but I didn't mind as I could have a figure of my favourite character.

So this is what you have here. The detail is quite soft and there are bad seam lines right around the figure from the two part mold that will need to be dremmeled off.
There are an abundance of air holes, I remember looking at a Crow kit once that looked like an Areo bar, and I considered buying it, these will need filling.
The arm to main body fit is poor and due to transit damage one arm has lost 2 fingers, a leg has snapped off and a foot too. These will need to be glued and pinned back together.

I am the law

Well here we go with another blog.
Hopefully I'll post on a more regular basis than the others in the past.
This blog, as it says in the masthead, will be specifically built around Judge Dredd and 2000ADmodel kits.
There are more out there than you would think right across the range of materials from vinyl to resin to metal.
I have a good number of these so hopefully the blog will have an interest to Dredd and tooth (2000ad) fans.