Sunday, 27 January 2013

Ultimate Judge Dredd kit

Here's my favourite of all my Dredd kits. Judge Dredd is at the centre with the 4 Dark Judges around the base. Astounding.
Sculpted by Andy Brown for the FTVMC.
It comes in the main bust and base and weighs a tonne.
I painted it in airbrushed acrylic, oils and pastels.
It stands 12 inches tall. I based it on Greg Staples version of the character.
This was a very limited kit. Sadly no longer available.

35mm Miniatures

Here's a load of 35mm white metal miniatures that I have. There's more unpainted in the roof. These are by Foundry and still available, except for the ABC Hammerstein and the Judge Death.

Dredd bust

This bust stands about 7 inches tall, can't remember the kit producer. I painted in a Siku colouring scheme in acrylic with pastel shading.

130mm Dredd

This Dredd kit comes from the USA and stands 130mm high. I seem to remember it being a bugger to build as there were so many poorly cast parts.
This was painted in acrylic and oils.

Tharg The Mighty

Here's my Tharg The Mighty One a 1/4 scale resin bust. I made one of these earlier in the blog.

Judge Dredd vinyl kit

Another Dredd kit from Halcyon, this is based on Brian Bolland's Dredd. This was one of my first vinyl kit's I made so I've learnt that it is best to run wire throughout the kit to stop the vinyl sagging as in the picture. Painted in acrylic.

Mean Machine

Whilst I haven't posted anything for an age here are a load of Dredd/2000AD kits that are in  my collection.
1st off Mean Machine. This is the 1/8th scale plastic kit produced by Halcyon at the time of the Stallone movie.
Together with the ABC War Robot the best things to come out of that travesty.
Airbrushed and stuck to a Cursed Earth style base.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

New judge dredd kit

Here's the latest Dredd kit I have. I got this last September and thought it about time I posted something about it.
Produced by Underworld it is cleanly cast in 20 resin parts including a base.when completed it will stand 13 inches talk and I think it is probably THE best Dredd kit produced. At first glance you could be forgiven that it is similar to the Halcyon vinyl kit from years ago but it far surpasses that model. From the photo you can see the pose and size in comparison. Currently available via eBay but almost sold out, apparently it was a vey limited edition. Hopefully a Judge Death may be produced to accompany this piece. Pricey for a resin kit but the quality is fantastic.