Sunday, 27 May 2012

General Blackblood done

I've finished General Blackblood.
I went with the Khronicles Of Chaos version, with the white hat and boot.
The metallic green I made from vallejo metallic base. Then dirtied down with pastels.
The white areas were painted taupe, then highlighted off white and dirtied down with pastels.
I wanted Blackblood to come across as treacherous hence dirtying down.
The base has been painted fairly non-descipt so as to not draw away from the figure.
Next up, more Joes.



                                                Here he is with his companion Joe Pineapples

Friday, 25 May 2012


Before continuing on with another commissioned Joe Pineapples, and my own, I'm going to paint Blackblood.
Best thing to do I think as doing the same kit over and over could create a burn out.

Joe Pineapples No. 2

Here's another Joe Pineapples kit I was commissioned to do.
I was requested to give him ''pink knickers'' to highlight Joe's cross dressing attitude, so that's what I did.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

What Colour Shall I do Blackblood?

As with all the Warriors there colours change depending on who draws them.
I was going to do Blackblood in his red hat attire but then he has a red robe too so it doesn't really match. Once I noticed all the skulls there were on the hat's cloth I bottled it anyway.
I'm going to do him metallic green with his white epaulets and boots I think.

Blackblood work starts

Whilst waiting for Joe to dry off I thought I may as well start Blackblood.
Here he is basically assembled.
The casting was so good I just had to quickly rub off the seam line with a file and wet and dry paper.
I then drilled into the arms and leg, added the metal pins for strength and glued with 5 min epoxy.
The mouth is just on for effect, I'll glue this on last together with the ammo pouch.
Tomorrow it's filling of gaps and undercoat if it's not raining.

A Cup Of Joes

So work continued today with the other three Joe Pineapple kits.
Trying to do three at the same time is quite mind boggling.
Here they are with the metalic purple and then transparent blue base coats on.
Work continues tomorrow after they have dried off.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

General Blackblood

General Blackblood arrived today. WOW!
Beautifully cast in white resin and in 12 parts he will stand around 10 inches tall when complete.
Awesome kit.
Roll on the next one.