Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Another 28mm ABC Warrior

Can't remember where I got this from, Germany I think, but it's clearly Hammerstein.

28mm ABC Warriors

These 28mm figures come from Foundry.

Here we have Mek Quake, General Blackblood and Morrigan. The others in the series are not yet painted.

Joe Pineapples lifesize

To go along with Blackblood Timeslip also produced a life size Joe Pineapples bust.
The kit was painted in flip car paint, so it changes through blues, purples and a bit of green from different angles of view. The visor was painted in Alclad chrome paint, a real bugger to do.

General Blackblood

Here is my life size bust of General Blackblood.
This bust is in hollow cast resin and filled with expanding foam.
Made by Timeslip Creations if I remember correctly.
I painted him in the current colours used by Clint Langley and added car seat modelling flock to his hat front, gold braid the the shoulder pads and made a V out of plastic card for the hat.
I also tunnelled out the inside of the bust, drilled out the left eye, added a green plastic lens and fitted lighting inside so the eye glows green.

A great bust this, and he guards the top of my stairs.

In the meantime....

In the meantime whilst work progresses on the Pineapples kit I thought I'd post some of my other 2000ad related kits, so lets start with some other ABC Warriors.

Joe Pineapples part 2

So I've assembled the two jacket fronts, and stuck on the two arms and head.
Also I added the jacket collar but when I went to dry fit the gun that is hoisted on Joe's shoulder I couldn't get it to slip through the gap, so I've had to break the collar off. What I will have to do is paint the figure, then the gun, then fix the gun in place, then add the collar, miliput and re-paint.
Next I'm going to drill into the head and two arms and pin in position, then putty over.

Joe Pineapples

All work is paused at the moment whilst I concentrate on this great new kit from Graham Lind.
It is a sculpt of Joe Pineapples from The ABC Warriors based on the pose from the pin-up by Simon Bisley.
The kit comes in 16 resin parts and was very well packaged. The resin is very workable and rubs down easily. Graham has supplied a blob of miliput fine with the kit which is very thoughtful, and handy to have to fill in the odd air bubble here and there.

I have three of these to make, mine, and two fellow 2000ad fans. Pictured is mine, used as a guinea pig if you like. Once I've gone as far as possible with prep I will move onto the next, then the next. I'm going to try and build all three simultaneously so once painting gets under way you will be able to see the variations in progress.