Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Joe Pineapples

All work is paused at the moment whilst I concentrate on this great new kit from Graham Lind.
It is a sculpt of Joe Pineapples from The ABC Warriors based on the pose from the pin-up by Simon Bisley.
The kit comes in 16 resin parts and was very well packaged. The resin is very workable and rubs down easily. Graham has supplied a blob of miliput fine with the kit which is very thoughtful, and handy to have to fill in the odd air bubble here and there.

I have three of these to make, mine, and two fellow 2000ad fans. Pictured is mine, used as a guinea pig if you like. Once I've gone as far as possible with prep I will move onto the next, then the next. I'm going to try and build all three simultaneously so once painting gets under way you will be able to see the variations in progress.


  1. hello very good work how old is this post can you make me one!? email me plz at knightridergto@yahoo.com thx steve

  2. thx for the email , had a lot on at work. ill hit you up in the new year all the best!

  3. how much are these? because they are way to cool!

  4. Thanks, sorry but these are long gone. You might see the odd one pop up on ebay from time to time.