Friday, 30 March 2012

Judge Death from Judgement on Gotham.

Here's a blast from the past right back to the garage kit boom in the USA.
Released by Gothic Garage and sculpted by Scott Patton it features Judge Death from the Bisley/Wagner/Grant graphic novel  Judgement On Gotham.
It came in 6 resin parts including the base and stands nearly 11'' tall.
The casting is rough. Very early garage kit standards in orange resin.
The kit was full of air bubbles which were filled in with milliput.
Here he is in primer ready for painting. I reposed the left hand arm as it looked odd in the position it should be.
I will add a length of chain to the rib shoulder pad and wrap it round the outstretched hand.
I also plan to add nails to the rib and chicken shoulder pads were they were hammered into place in the comic.

Tharg finished.

Tharg all finished. The skin was airbrushed in greens then pastels added.
The jacket airbrushed tones of blue with yellow striping.
Hair painted white and dry-brushed silver.
Feel the thrill power.

Tharg part two.

Here's old green bonce with the skin airbrushed on.

Tharg the Mighty

Next on to Tharg The Mighty One resin bust.
This was sculpted by Jason Brookes and cast by Jason Andrews.
A very nice bust.
Here he is in white Primer.

Judge Hershey finished

Judge Hershey, all done. Decided not to gloss the suit.
Came out well, would make a nice companion piece to the Halcyon Dredd plastic kit.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Hershey progress

Here's Hershey with a dark blue/black suit and under coated body armour. Blocking in the blacks next.

Saturday, 24 March 2012


Have replaced photos with new taken with the flash off. Look a bit better.
Needs a tripod though.

Death Deform done.

Judge Death deform all done. Looks far better now it's painted up.
Next it's Judge Hershey, I airbrushed the body stocking this afternoon.
I know in the movie it looked like a cloth all in one but I'm thinking on wether to gloss coat it to make it like shiny black leather. I think it would look rather erotic.Hmmm...

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Judge Hershey part 2.

Here's Judge Hershey primed up.
A nice kit this.
Why did the manufacturer decide to cast the boots and arms in white metal ?
Oh look the right arm has fallen off.
Going to pin this but could prove tricky.

Judge Death deform.

Here's death, colours blocked in.
I was saying how crude the other two deforms seemed, this is the worst.
I now notice loads of air bubbles.
I'm going to have to fill them as it is annoying me that I missed them.

Movie Dredd deform.

Here's a suprise.
As much as I hate the Stallone Dredd movie this little deform is the best of these little kits.
Nicely sculpted and cast.
The visor was airbrushed, which took an age as the airbrush wasn't working.
A complete strip down and clean was needed and now it's back to normal, lovely!

Anderson deform done.

Here's the Judge Anderson deform done.
Again a crude deform.
Didn't know whether to paint here lips as red as this as didn't want her to look to whoreish. But this is a ''joke'' kit so what the hell. Raised pads on the uniform painted a different shade of green to give it a bit of interest.

Dredd deform done.

Here's the Dredd deform all done.
Painted with acrylics.
Quite a rough sculpt really.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Judge Hershey.

Judge Hershey kit produced for Reshape and sculpted by Matt Lonsdale.
This kit is 1/8th scale and matches in with the Stallone Dredd plastic kit produced by Halcyon back in the day.
Strange choice in casting options here. The body/head of the figure is in tan resin but the boots and arms, gun and holster are cast in white metal making them quite heavy.
Nicely sculpted kit though, only one I have ever seen in the flesh.
I remember a Comet Miniatures ad with this kit and the price was high.
Again stripped with Fairy, then arms/boots/head attached, ready for priming.

Stallone Dredd Deform.

Stallone Dredd costume deform version.
Comes on a base.
The arms were attached and puttied, then sprayed with grey primer.
Don't know who sculpted it, think it was produced and sold through Amaquest. They did Dredd and Fergie on a flying Lawmaster too.

Judge Death deform.

Judge Death deform, stripped, this one was really difficult to strip down.
Don't know who produced it, doesn't look the same quality as the other 2 Dredd deforms.

Stripping off Judge Anderson, oo-err!

Here's the Judge Anderson stripped off, no not like that..pervs!
Again for Alexander and Associates and sculpted by Darren Longthorne.

Stripping Dredd.

So to ease myself in so to speak I'll start with the Dredd deform kits, there are 4 of these and then the Stallone movie Hershey Judge.
1st the comic Dredd 3inch high kit deform.
This was produced for Alexander and Associates and sculpted by Darren Longthorne.
I had to strip the paint from the model before I can commence a re-paint.
To do this I tried the usual method which is to place the model in a plastic food bag then spray all over with Mr Muscle oven cleaner.
Do this in a well ventilated area and wear gloves, you don't want this on your skin.
I left in the bag for 2 hours, but nothing had happened, the paint should start to come off.
I resprayed and left for a further 6 hours.
Then scrubbed with a tooth brush in hot soapy water. The paint only came off slightly, which is odd. Has the oven cleaner been re-formulated to make it safer?
Any way I then used Fairy power spray, again in the bag and left for 2 hours.
Again remove and scrub, this has the requied effect. Final hard to get paint was picked off with a pointed dental pick.
Now off to Halfords to buy some grey primer, as the Plasticoat primer I have always seems to dry sticky.

Back in action!

Finally I feel well enough to continue some model building, plus I've cleared out the work room so can finally get on with it.
Watch the blog for progress reports.