Sunday, 11 March 2012

Judge Hershey.

Judge Hershey kit produced for Reshape and sculpted by Matt Lonsdale.
This kit is 1/8th scale and matches in with the Stallone Dredd plastic kit produced by Halcyon back in the day.
Strange choice in casting options here. The body/head of the figure is in tan resin but the boots and arms, gun and holster are cast in white metal making them quite heavy.
Nicely sculpted kit though, only one I have ever seen in the flesh.
I remember a Comet Miniatures ad with this kit and the price was high.
Again stripped with Fairy, then arms/boots/head attached, ready for priming.


  1. I went to the Kent Institute of Art and Design and studied Design Modelmaking with Matt Lonsdale. Is this the same guy as I have been trying to track him down for a catch up.