Friday, 30 March 2012

Judge Death from Judgement on Gotham.

Here's a blast from the past right back to the garage kit boom in the USA.
Released by Gothic Garage and sculpted by Scott Patton it features Judge Death from the Bisley/Wagner/Grant graphic novel  Judgement On Gotham.
It came in 6 resin parts including the base and stands nearly 11'' tall.
The casting is rough. Very early garage kit standards in orange resin.
The kit was full of air bubbles which were filled in with milliput.
Here he is in primer ready for painting. I reposed the left hand arm as it looked odd in the position it should be.
I will add a length of chain to the rib shoulder pad and wrap it round the outstretched hand.
I also plan to add nails to the rib and chicken shoulder pads were they were hammered into place in the comic.