Sunday, 11 March 2012

Stripping Dredd.

So to ease myself in so to speak I'll start with the Dredd deform kits, there are 4 of these and then the Stallone movie Hershey Judge.
1st the comic Dredd 3inch high kit deform.
This was produced for Alexander and Associates and sculpted by Darren Longthorne.
I had to strip the paint from the model before I can commence a re-paint.
To do this I tried the usual method which is to place the model in a plastic food bag then spray all over with Mr Muscle oven cleaner.
Do this in a well ventilated area and wear gloves, you don't want this on your skin.
I left in the bag for 2 hours, but nothing had happened, the paint should start to come off.
I resprayed and left for a further 6 hours.
Then scrubbed with a tooth brush in hot soapy water. The paint only came off slightly, which is odd. Has the oven cleaner been re-formulated to make it safer?
Any way I then used Fairy power spray, again in the bag and left for 2 hours.
Again remove and scrub, this has the requied effect. Final hard to get paint was picked off with a pointed dental pick.
Now off to Halfords to buy some grey primer, as the Plasticoat primer I have always seems to dry sticky.

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