Tuesday, 21 June 2011

General Blackblood

Here is my life size bust of General Blackblood.
This bust is in hollow cast resin and filled with expanding foam.
Made by Timeslip Creations if I remember correctly.
I painted him in the current colours used by Clint Langley and added car seat modelling flock to his hat front, gold braid the the shoulder pads and made a V out of plastic card for the hat.
I also tunnelled out the inside of the bust, drilled out the left eye, added a green plastic lens and fitted lighting inside so the eye glows green.

A great bust this, and he guards the top of my stairs.


  1. Thats a really nice take on the character. Nice work.

  2. Hi. This is one of my first sculpts, back when I worked at Timeslip Studios. Its ages since I have seen one as I never got one for myself. Darren Longthorn sculpted Joe Pineapples whilst I did Blackblood.
    Jon Peck