Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Hammerstein of Abc Warriors new model kit

Not posted for a long time but I have just purchased this brand new Hammerstein from the ABC Warriors.
This resin model comes in 20 cream resin parts which are nicely cast with minimum mould lines which are easily scraped away with the back of a hobby knife.
You can build the kit in 2 versions, the Black Hole storyline with Hammerstein's half face blown away and wires exposed, or head without helmet.
Also there is an option to build with 2 shoulder armour pads or 1 with different shaped wire "hair" to attach.
I will be building with 2 shoulder pads with Black Hole head.
All parts in the pics have been cleaned up and drilled, with pins attached ready for parts to be glued in place. 
Model is in 1/8th scale and stands about 12" tall and weighs about 2kg and is priced £97, see EBay for availability.

See pics below of parts and primed build with different versions.


  1. I've been looking for a model of Hammerstein (ABC Warriors) for quite a while and I've just found your modelling blog and the models you made Hammerstein.

    You mention that you got the resin models from ebay. I've tried to find them but have had no luck.

    Do you still have the link/details for where to get them from?

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