Saturday, 14 April 2012

Prepare To Be Judged progress 2

Prepare to be Judged coming along.
Trying to get a variety of different tones of blacks in for the costume as it's basically black.
The flesh tones went all wrong this afternoon, odd.
Having a break then try again.

These are the bases for BIG Dredd, Prepare to be Judged and Hershey. Just so you can see them John.


  1. I just have to congratulate you on your relentless pace with your models.

    I have half finished vinyl Dredd in my closet and Anderson from same series plus one south park style Dredd with nothing done on them.

    I hadn't realized that there was such wide selection of Dredd models made.

    Three thumbs up.

  2. Cheers Panu. Yes there were quite a lot available.
    I will post the others in my collection over time, plus all those un-built ones too.
    I can think of 5 Dredd related straight off.

  3. Excellent work and I can't wait for Demoncon3 to see them all in the flesh, Huzzah!