Monday, 9 April 2012

Prepare To Be Judged progress

Here's the Prepare To Be Judged kit assembled and puttied up.
I drilled the left hand through the fist so I could thread the ABC Warrior head spine through.
The ABC head has been drilled on the underside so the various pistons and wires can be attached.
The head is not glued in yet, I'll leave that till last for ease of painting.
Also the left shoulder pad isn't stuck on yet, again ease of painting.Whilst looking at said pad I thought it looked a bit short.
I found the other half tucked away under the bottom box flap, lucky catch that.
Lawgiver still to be attached, again leave until last.
Next up will be to rub down all the filler then attach the Robot wires and prime.
Shame the kit didn't come with the base in the picture.
Just found the name of the sculptor in the archives-Robert Cowley.
I need to clean this bench up

Roughly assembled kit

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