Friday, 6 April 2012

Prepare to be Judged.

Title of this kit is Prepare To Be Judged and comes cast in tan resin, consisting of around 16 resin parts and a bag of metal and wire which I presume is for the ABC Robot head.
This is the movie version of Dredd and the pose is quite odd.
The casting is quite poor with major seam lines and pour lugs needing to be removed.
I have shaved these back with the dremmel and the next step fill be to fill in the holes and rub back to smooth.
No idea who produced or sculpted this kit but do remember seeing it in Model Mart all those glorious kit years ago.

Box art

All the parts layed out

Here you can see I've removed the seams and cut off the pour lugs

The body is hollow cast, strange choice. This is going to need to be filled with expanding foam possibly

ABC Robot head and lawgiver

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